SUNY Erie Affordable Instructional Materials

Affordable Instructional Materials

The College understands that in order for students to be successful in their academic pursuits, they must have access to books and other learning materials. The largest barrier to these materials is cost. The College has designed a series of courses using instructional materials that are either in the public domain or costs less than $30. A course listed as AIM in the comment section of the course schedule designates that the class meets this criteria. The College cannot guarantee the class’s AIM status if there is an instructor change in the class.

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AIM Courses at City Campus
Section Course Name Instructor
BI-107-ACHuman BiologyAngela Crocker
BI-147-ACSurvey Anat & PhysioAngela Crocker
BI-148-ABLab for BI 147Catherine Hoepfinger
BI-150-ABAnatomy Physiology IAngela Crocker
BI-150-AEAnatomy Physiology IAngela Crocker
BI-241-ABPathophysiologyCatherine Hoepfinger
CS-103-ABWeb Develop+Program FundamentMarie Schmitz
EN-022-HC2Improving/Reading and WritingLeslie Scalise
EN-100-BAComp I: Rhetorical StrategiesAaron Lelito
EN-100-BBComp I: Rhetorical StrategiesAaron Lelito
EN-100-BEComp I: Rhetorical StrategiesMichael Lukasik
EN-100-HC1Comp I: Rhetorical StrategiesEllene Phufas
EN-114-ABPublic SpeakingSabrina Caine
GO-101-ACAmerican Gov't IDerek Bateman
HI-100-ACFoundations of Western CivHolly Dawson
HI-101-ABAmerican History IPatricia Kaiser
HI-101-ACAmerican History IJoanne Sundell
HI-101-FBAmerican History IHolly Dawson
HI-102-ACAmerican History IIJoanne Sundell
HI-103-ABAfro Am HistoryHolly Dawson
HI-106-ABWorld Civilizations IHolly Dawson
HI-241-ABHist of World War IIPatricia Kaiser
HT-102-HC1Drug Use & AbusePamela Simmeth
HT-105-ABPersonal HealthCarol Reis
HT-105-ACPersonal HealthCarol Reis
HT-201-ABFirst AidCarol Reis
HT-201-ACFirst AidCarol Reis
HT-201-HC1First AidPamela Simmeth
HU-100-ACHuman InteractionJodi Hitchcock
HU-100-ADHuman InteractionJodi Hitchcock
HU-100-AEHuman InteractionJodi Hitchcock
MT-006-ABBasic Algebra ReviewDaniel Richbart
MT-006-ACBasic Algebra ReviewPaul Zanolli
MT-006-ADBasic Algebra ReviewPaul Zanolli
MT-006-AEBasic Algebra ReviewDaniel Richbart
MT-126-ABCollege Math IIPaul Zanolli
MT-140-ADElem Inferential StatisticsDavid Usinski
MT-140-AEElem Inferential StatisticsDavid Usinski
MT-143-ABIntroductory Statistics IErin Langdon
MT-143-ABIntroductory Statistics IErin Langdon
MT-143-ACIntroductory Statistics IErin Langdon
MT-143-ACIntroductory Statistics IErin Langdon
MT-175-ABSurvey Calculus IPaul Zanolli
PS-100-ABGeneral PsychologyMarlene Crimmen
PS-100-ACGeneral PsychologyMarlene Crimmen
PS-100-ADGeneral PsychologyJill Kearns-Bodkin
PS-100-HC1General PsychologyMarlene Crimmen
PS-101-ABSkills-Eff ParentingJodi Hitchcock
PS-201-ACDevelopmental Psych.Marlene Crimmen
PY-102-ABLogicBradley Kaye
PY-104-ABPhil of ReligionBradley Kaye
AIM Courses Online
Section Course Name Instructor
AN-102-IC1Cult AnthropologyMary Altair
AT-280-IC1Art AppreciationNathan Naetzker
AT-281-IC1Art History INathan Naetzker
BI-107-IS1Human BiologyRozanne Redlinski
BI-147-IS1Survey Anat & PhysioRozanne Redlinski
BI-169-IC1NutritionTimothy Musial
BT-101-IN1Intro Biotech ScienceJeanie Bryant
BT-108-IN1Regulatory ComplianceWilliam Nichols
CH-110-IS1Survey of ScienceMark Barton
CS-103-IC1Web Develop+Program FundamentMarie Schmitz
DA-103-IS1Intro to Info TechLouise Kowalski
DA-204-IS1Digital ForensicsLouise Kowalski
DT-101-IN1Theater AppreciationMichelle Michael-Lippens
DT-103-IN1Intro to TheatreMichelle Michael-Lippens
EC-102-IC1MacroeconomicsJason Steinitz
EN-100-IC1Comp I: Rhetorical StrategiesSabrina Caine
EN-100-IN1Comp I: Rhetorical StrategiesJacqueline Bollinger
EN-100-IS1Comp I: Rhetorical StrategiesRosemary Tomani
EN-100-IS2Comp I: Rhetorical StrategiesRosemary Tomani
EN-100-IS3Comp I: Rhetorical StrategiesAnne Benedict
EN-114-IS1Public SpeakingChristopher Pulinski
GS-111-IC1College Success SkillsLynn Ingraham
GS-111-IN1College Success SkillsVanessa Haddad
GS-111-IN2College Success SkillsVanessa Haddad
GS-111-IS1College Success SkillsRobin Bobowicz
HI-100-IC1Foundations of Western CivJoanne Sundell
HI-101-IC1American History IPatricia Kaiser
HI-101-IC2American History IPatricia Kaiser
HI-241-IC1Hist of World War IIPatricia Kaiser
HT-220-IN1Intro to Disease PreventionJaclyn Diapaul
MT-003-IC1Pre-Algebra ReviewDaniel Richbart
MT-125-IC1College Math IDaniel Richbart
MT-126-IS1College Math IIColleen Doll
MT-143-IC1Introductory Statistics IDavid Usinski
MT-143-IC2Introductory Statistics IErin Langdon
MT-143-IS1Introductory Statistics IColleen Quinn
MT-181-IC1Calc & Analyt IDavid Usinski
MU-200-IC1Fund. of MusicPei-Lun Chang
MU-217-IS1Hist. Pop MusicCarmen Aquila
OF-102-IS1College KeyboardingShannon Wise
PS-100-IC1General PsychologyMary Altair
PS-100-IC2General PsychologyJill Kearns-Bodkin
PS-100-IC3General PsychologyMarlene Crimmen
PS-100-IC4General PsychologyJustyne Harris
PS-100-IC6General PsychologyJill Kearns-Bodkin
PS-100-IC7General PsychologyMarlene Crimmen
PS-101-IC1Skills-Eff ParentingMary Altair
PS-201-IC2Developmental Psych.Marlene Crimmen
PS-201-IC5Developmental Psych.Marlene Crimmen
PY-101-IS1Intro to PhilosophyJackie Bossman
SO-100-IC1Intro to Soc IJason Steinitz
SO-100-IC2Intro to Soc IMarianne Partee
SO-100-IC4Intro to Soc IMarianne Partee
SO-100-IC5Intro to Soc ICarolyn Storms
SS-102-IC2Social ProblemsKatherine Ellis
SS-205-IC1Aging Dying & DeathCarl Stokes
AIM Courses at North Campus
Section Course Name Instructor
BT-128-01Food Safety & SanitationWilliam Nichols
BT-231-01Lab Food Processing TechWilliam Nichols
BT-241-01Lab Production BioPharm ProdWilliam Nichols
CH-117-01Lab for CH 116Mary Pandolfino
DT-100-01Fundamentals of ActingMichelle Michael-Lippens
DT-103-01Intro to TheatreMichelle Michael-Lippens
DT-104-01Theatre WorkshopMichelle Michael-Lippens
DT-109-01Acting for the ScreenMichelle Michael-Lippens
EN-100-06Comp I: Rhetorical StrategiesJennifer Campbell
EN-100-07Comp I: Rhetorical StrategiesJennifer Campbell
EN-100-09Comp I: Rhetorical StrategiesJennifer Campbell
EN-100-16Comp I: Rhetorical StrategiesJennifer Campbell
EN-114-01Public SpeakingPerry Nicholas
GS-111-02College Success SkillsVanessa Haddad
GS-111-03College Success SkillsKristine Morrow
GS-111-04College Success SkillsKristine Morrow
GS-111-05College Success SkillsJamie Smith
MT-140-01Elem Inferential StatisticsChristina Cornejo
MT-140-01Elem Inferential StatisticsChristina Cornejo
MT-140-HN1Elem Inferential StatisticsChristina Cornejo
MT-140-HN1Elem Inferential StatisticsChristina Cornejo
MT-140-HN2Elem Inferential StatisticsChristina Cornejo
MT-140-HN2Elem Inferential StatisticsChristina Cornejo
PH-270-01College Physics IWilliam Falls
PH-272-01College Physics IIWilliam Falls
PH-273-01Lab for PH 272William Falls
PS-100-01General PsychologyErikson Neilans
PS-100-02General PsychologyErikson Neilans
PS-100-03General PsychologyErikson Neilans
PS-100-05General PsychologyErikson Neilans
PS-100-08General PsychologyErikson Neilans
PS-100-09General PsychologyErikson Neilans
AIM Courses at South Campus
Section Course Name Instructor
AN-102-0BCult AnthropologyMary Altair
AT-280-0BArt AppreciationJessica DiPalma
BI-231-5CLab for BI-230Phillip Jones
CA-121-0BPrinciples of CommunicationJohn Harrigan
CA-121-0CPrinciples of CommunicationJohn Harrigan
CA-221-HS1Writing for MediaGina Stevens
CA-221-HS2Writing for MediaGina Stevens
DA-103-HS1Intro to Info TechLouise Kowalski
EN-100-0BComp I: Rhetorical StrategiesAnne Benedict
EN-100-0CComp I: Rhetorical StrategiesAnne Benedict
EN-100-ASBComp I: Rhetorical StrategiesAnne Benedict
EN-100-ASCComp I: Rhetorical StrategiesAnne Benedict
EN-100-HAS5Comp I: Rhetorical StrategiesAnne Benedict
EN-100-HS5Comp I: Rhetorical StrategiesAnne Benedict
EN-101-0DComposition for HumanitiesChristopher Pulinski
EN-101-HS1Composition for HumanitiesChristopher Pulinski
EN-114-0BPublic SpeakingChristopher Pulinski
EN-114-0CPublic SpeakingChristopher Pulinski
EN-114-5BPublic SpeakingChristopher Pulinski
GA-242-0BDigital Imaging IIPeter Masak
GS-111-0BCollege Success SkillsAnna Barrett
GS-111-0DCollege Success SkillsAnna Barrett
GS-111-0ECollege Success SkillsRobin Bobowicz
GS-111-0GCollege Success SkillsRobin Bobowicz
GS-111-0GCollege Success SkillsRobin Bobowicz
GS-111-0HCollege Success SkillsRobin Bobowicz
GS-111-HS1College Success SkillsAnna Barrett
HT-201-HS1First AidNancy Hargrave
HT-201-HS2First AidKristine Rave
HU-100-0BHuman InteractionCarl Stokes
HU-100-0CHuman InteractionCarl Stokes
HU-100-0DHuman InteractionCarl Stokes
HU-100-0EHuman InteractionCarl Stokes
HU-101-0BHuman Services IICarl Stokes
HU-102-0BIntro Help RelationCarl Stokes
HU-103-0BHuman Services IVCarl Stokes
MT-112-0DSurvey of MathMichael Delaney
MT-112-0ESurvey of MathMichael Delaney
MT-116-0CAlgebra in the Real WorldColleen Doll
MT-125-0DCollege Math IBrian Milleville
MT-126-0BCollege Math IIColleen Doll
MT-140-0BElem Inferential StatisticsSusan Rothwell
MT-140-0CElem Inferential StatisticsSusan Rothwell
MT-143-0CIntroductory Statistics IMichael Higgins
MT-143-0DIntroductory Statistics IColleen Quinn
MT-143-0EIntroductory Statistics IColleen Quinn
MT-143-5BIntroductory Statistics IAdrian Ranic
MT-175-0BSurvey Calculus IMichael Higgins
MT-182-5BCalc & Analyt IIMichael Higgins
MU-217-0BHist. Pop MusicCarmen Aquila
PE-104-0BOutdoor EducationDavid Bochynski
PE-104-0COutdoor EducationDavid Bochynski
PE-202-0BPhysical Fitness INancy Hargrave
PE-260-5BPhysical Ed Practicum IDavid Bochynski
PE-265-5BPhysical Ed Practicum IIDavid Bochynski
PS-100-0FGeneral PsychologyMary Altair
PS-100-0IGeneral PsychologyMary Altair
PS-100-0KGeneral PsychologyJustyne Harris
PS-100-5BGeneral PsychologyJustyne Harris
PS-100-HS1General PsychologyJustyne Harris
SL-110-0BBeginning Sign Language INancy Hargrave
SL-110-0CBeginning Sign Language INancy Hargrave
SO-100-HS1Intro to Soc IMarianne Partee
SO-100-HS2Intro to Soc IMarianne Partee